Soon You Can Travel Without a Passport

Soon You Can Travel Without a Passport

03/05/2019 0 By M Zaman

History of the passport nothing new now-a-days.

It has a long history back dated from black and white to color photograph. Also from neatly hand-written to biometric document.

However, historians argue that modern history of passport goes back dated from King Henry V period during the 15th century.

On the other hand, some argue the history of the passport is very modern and introduced during the beginning of the last century.

Whatever, the historians and histories argue and judge passport.

We all require a valid passport while we are intending to cross a border in modern days time.

But many thanks to the progression of the modern technologies, this travel document very soon to become an obsolete.

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In the nearer future it will replaced by an AI(Artificial Intelligence) technologies.

Which will only require you to just taking a photograph while you cross the immigration control at the airport.

According to Daily Express, The Sun and Evening Standard this pilot scheme is likely to be introduced from this summer.

A biometric lobby

A biometric lobby (Image: Delta Airlines)

Passengers at Heathrow airport one of the busiest airport on earth, will not required to scan their passport at the border crossing.

Instead of that, they will only need to look at a camera for their facial recognition. Once there is a perfect matching from their biometric data they are free to cross the border.

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However, passengers need to scan their passport before-hand of travel to use bio-metric facial recognition technology.

Also passengers will need to keep their passport with them if there is any problem.

Gatwick Airport also announced to use this technology in the nearer future.

According British Airways reports, a biometric facial recognition technology reduced boarding times more than half in the USA.

However, it is entirely at the discretion of an individual passenger, whether to allow their bio-metric data for facial recognition technology at the airport.

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