Best places to see Northern Lights

Best places to see Northern Lights

31/12/2018 0 By M Zaman

Northern lights is a wonders of the universe. It certainly does exist almost everywhere to make great northern lights tour. Of course, to make it really enjoyable and memorable.

What are the northern lights?

Northern lights or aurora borealis. Is the most common causes of collisions between electronically
changed particles from the sun, then enters into the world’s atmosphere.

Once it reaches into the world, we can spot is as a “northern lights”. It comes up with a spectacular views and which is really enjoyable.

You can find out more information about the aurora from National Geographic website.

Where are the northern lights?

As outlined above a northern lights does exists almost everywhere but in particular places on earth to make your great northern lights tour. It does exist from Europe to Americas. Yo also can the lights from Southern Hemisphere of the globe. But there it is known as “‘Aurora australis” or Southern Lights.

Here are the best places watch Northern Lights tour:

In Europe:

Europe is the best to enjoy your best northern lights view. There are so many places available in in Europe to and enjoy your northern lights holidays. The Scandinavia’s are the best place for northern lights view as it is directed to the north of world’s surface.

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In Europe you can consider countries like Norway, Finland, Iceland or Sweden to go and watch your best ever northern lights tour.

When you travel in Norway you can consider Tromsø. Which is in Northern part of the country and excellent place for the northern lights view. However, there are packages available to watch northern lights from Tromso.

You also can find out more information about Tromsø from Visit Norway website.

While if you are considering to visit in Iceland then it will be a decent choice if you choose Reykjavík. Reykjavík is the capital of Iceland and of course for northern lights tour. Packages are available from here.

You can more information of Iceland from Guide to Iceland website.

Lapland is the best place if you are considering to watch northern lights either from Sweden or Finland. May be you have a chance to see rein-deer in your lifetime. Packages are available here.

Northern lights is also visible from the UK. You can find out more information from WWF UK website.

You also can watch Northern Lights from Alaska. But bear in mind Alaska is an US territory although it is in Europe. In order to enter into Alaska you need visas. If have visa free access to the US then you can obtain an ESTA to enter in Alaska.

You can find out more information from website.

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When is the best time to watch northern lights?

You can consider between last August till mid April to visiting the places to make your great northern lights tour.

In North Americas:

You too have chances to experience best ever visibility of northern lights from North Americas. But remember weather there is similar to Europe so you have to be there as quick as you can.

In USA you can watch northern lights from Alaska(as already discussed above), Idaho, Maine, Minnesota, and from Michigan. You can find out more information from Visit the USA

Northern lights visible from Canada

Northern lights visible from Canada

However, in Canada you can view Northern lights from Alberta. You can find packages from here. also from here

When is the best time to watch northern lights?

You have to make it as the same schedule likewise in Europe. Which is between August to April.

In the event of an in case you didn’t had a chance to visit northern lights. This usually happen. If this happen then you can consider to visit Southern Lights from Southern Hemisphere. As your second preference.

You can consider places like Patagonia for Chile and Argentina and Falkland Islands

Southern lights visible from Tasmania, Australia

Southern lights visible from Tasmania, Australia

In Oceania you do have a chance to view Southern Lights. New Zealand is considerably the best place to watch Southern lights followed by Tasmania, Australia. March to September is considered to be best time watch the southern lights.

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