You Can Visit In Komodo Island In Indonesia To See Dragons

You Can Visit In Komodo Island In Indonesia To See Dragons

08/10/2019 0 By M Zaman

Indonesia is one of the most beautiful island countries in Asia. It has many spectacular places that attract tourist from all over the world. One of the most beautiful location is Komodo Island in Indonesia, where you will see Komodo Dragons.

As far as, the history goes the Komodo Dragons are one of the oldest living creatures in the nature of Komodo Island in Indonesia.

It also has a history originally backdated over 300,000 years ago from Australia . Also ,there are about 6,000 Komodo Dragons living in the wild life.

Previously, the Indonesian government has put a restriction to visit the Komodo Island . As the Komodo Dragon are endanger to the visitors.

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However, this decision has been reversed. You can visit the island to see Komodo Dragons.

Komodo Dragon in Indonesia

Komodo Dragon in Indonesia (Image: Pixabay)

Also, there are some speculations that visitors may have to pay up to $1,000/£819 (1 USD = 0.819299 GBP) to visit the island.

While, you are in Indonesia, you will find many of the spectacular places to visit.

Among of the most statue you will ever see is The Garuda Wisnu Kencana in Bali, Indonesia. This statue is currently one of the tallest statues on earth.

The Komodo National Park in Komodo Island is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Once you are in Indonesia you will find other spectacular places to visit. There are most useful guidance about different places in Indonesia is available from Lonely Planet.

Palm tree sunset in Bali, Indonesia

Palm tree sunset in Bali, Indonesia (Image: Pixabay)

It is our utmost responsibility to protect the environment including the endangered species. They are part of our planet family and play a big role to protect our environment.

Most recently Tripadvisor announces it will stop selling tickets to see cetaceans at the end of 2019. This initiative is a crucial victory for environmentalists including those working hard to protect animal welfare rights.

Unless, we take necessary initiative there greater chances they will become extinct in someday from the planet.

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