Virgin Voyages To Postpone Its Inauguration For Coronavirus

Virgin Voyages To Postpone Its Inauguration For Coronavirus

13/03/2020 0 By M Zaman

Most recently Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group announces to launch its another project “Scarlet Lady” as part of Virgin Voyages during this year. But, Virgin Voyages project is mostly expecting to postpone since Coronavirus is a major concern worldwide.

Previously, Virgin Group announced to launch its new project in April 2020. But, the company is postponing the project as most recently The World Health Organization declare Coronavirus as epidemic worldwide.

As, the Coronavirus cases are now more than 100,000 worldwide. There are above 2,000 deaths in relation to Coronavirus crisis worldwide.

However, the company announces its decision to postpone the inaugural sailing season until July 15, 2020. Its “Maiden Voyage” is set to take place on August 7, 2020.

Also, the company is offering for refunds those are willing to cancel their upcoming trip with Virgin Voyages amid worldwide Coronavirus issue.

The Dock at Virgin Voyages

The Dock at Virgin Voyages (Image: Virgin Voyages)

Besides, there are other options available for the customers are still not willing to cancel their trips. The company is offering a loyalty “Double Your Value”.

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With help of the loyal, a customer can make 200% within their “Future Voyage Credit”. Later, they can apply the credit into another sailing. Instead of, cancelling the upcoming trip.

Another, loyalty of Virgin Voyage’s is “Extra Onboard Credit”. With the help of the loyalty, a Virgin Voyage’s customer will need to use the credit before June 30, 2020. Then, the company will provide a customer $500 worth of onboard credit.

Meanwhile, you will also find Virgin Voyage’s upcoming project cancellation notice from here.

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Most Important Facts About Coronavirus

There are some of the most common facts about the Coronavirus you need to know.

The Novel Coronavirus or the COVID-19 is a spreadable disease that can spread from human to human while we take breath. A Coronavirus affected person can initially feel flu like symptoms at the beginning with dry cough.

Since, there are no vaccinations or medications for the virus. It can heal naturally unless there are no issues related to breathing problems will need to hospitalised.

But, the person will need to stay away from any public gathering and stay in an isolation for up to 14 days.

There are more useful information about the latest Coronavirus is available from here.

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