Tourism In Hong Kong Is Facing Very Uncertainty

Tourism In Hong Kong Is Facing Very Uncertainty

18/09/2019 0 By M Zaman

In South East Asia countries like Hong Kong is one of the favourite destination among many western travellers. Tourism is one of the major financial sector for the Hong Kong government.

But, over the past few months this booming industry in Hong Kong is now facing a backslash. Because of a political crisis in the island nation.

According to Bloomberg reports that Hong Kong is facing its worst crisis since 1997.

On the other hand, Stuff New Zealand reports tourism in Hong Kong has been declined 40% compared to August in 2018.

There are some of the useful information you need to about Hong Kong. Hong Kong was under British Overseas Territories, before it came under Chinese control in 1997.

Sea ship in Hong Kong river

Sea ship in Hong Kong river (Image: Pixabay)

However, China maintains “one state, two policies” for Hong Kong. In terms of taking any decision Hong Kong plays an independent role.

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It is also a fewest countries in Asia, where they use English as their official language. As, the country was previously ruled by the British government.

This differentiate Hong Kong from other counterparts like Macau, Taiwan and Chinese Mainland. Where, majority of the people speak either Mandarin or Traditional Chinese. But, you too can speak Chinese in Hong Kong.

South China Morning Post reports , Hong Kong had received more than 5 million tourists back in March 2018 alone. Majority of them are from the mainland of China.

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Since, the political crisis there has been a major fall within this sector. As, a result many of the tourists are reluctant to travel in Hong Kong.

Bruce Lee Statue in Hong Kong

Bruce Lee Statue in Hong Kong (Image: Pixabay)

While, in Hong Kong you will find Disney’s most popular project like Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. You will find Disney’s other projects in Mainland of China and Japan.

However, there are also likelihoods that once the political turmoil comes to an end very soon. More people will reconsider to visit in Hong Kong once again.

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