Temperature Within The UK Will Rise Above 40°C By 2100

Temperature Within The UK Will Rise Above 40°C By 2100

02/07/2020 0 By M Zaman

Climate change is among one of the major growing issues in the world.. With the rising temperature, there are likelihood residents in the UK will experience 40°C temperature by 2100.

A research reveals, there are potential chances UK will experience regular occurrences of heating temperature by the end of the century unless carbon emissions are cut to zero.

During summer on every year, temperatures in the UK are soaring. This usually happening as the European heat-waves are becoming more severe in the recent years.

In July 2019, 38.7°C temperature of Cambridge raise the question of whether exceeding 40°C is now a real possibility in the UK.

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“The probability of recording 40°C or above, in the UK is now rapidly accelerating,” said the scientists in the study, published in the journal Nature Communications.

They further estimate, “Summers which see days above 40°C somewhere in the UK have a return time of 100-300 years at present, but, without mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, this can decrease to 3.5 years by 2100”.

On the other hand, residents in South-East of England will experience extremely heating temperature in the nearer future.

As the scientists estimate for the region “likelihood of extremely warm days in the UK has been increasing and will continue to do so during the course of the century with the most extreme temperatures”.

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The scientists also examined the likelihood of exceeding temperature of 35°C. It can “occur once every 5 years at present and almost every year by the end of the century”.

Rising temperature is a serious concern. Unless, we take necessary steps there are chances we have to face the most adverse events in the upcoming future.

Furthermore, there are chances capital cities like London will have similar temperature that we experience in Barcelona today. This will become irreversible.

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