Self Isolation For Arrivals In UK Will Become Catastrophic

Self Isolation For Arrivals In UK Will Become Catastrophic

11/05/2020 0 By M Zaman

It is now mandatory for all travellers flying into the UK will need stay in a self isolation for two weeks or 14 days for new arrivals under new rules.

Most recently, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces this tough measure to prevent second wave of COVID-19.

Prime Minister read in a statement: “to impose quarantine on people coming into this country by air”.

“And it is because of your efforts to get the R down and the number of infections down here, that this measure will now be effective.”

Ultimately, the government is looking forward to reducing the re-infection rates and keep the disease under control.

However, Airlines UK, The Association Of UK Airlines is much concern about this upcoming restrictions. It is likelihood that “a proposal that would effectively kill international travel to and from UK” said in a statement.

Furthermore, the group also raises its concern on “nobody is going to go on holiday if they’re not able to resume normal life for 14 days, and business travel would be severely restricted.”

It also raises, “It will also make it all but impossible for aviation to resume any time soon, thereby setting back the UK’s economic recovery still further.”

Self Isolation For Arrivals Reflect On Holiday Entitlement

Under the current government rules people working five days a week, entitlement to have at least 28 or 5.6 weeks of paid holiday.

Part-time workers have an entitlement for 5.6 weeks of holiday but it depends on the days they work.

On the other hand, if a person work al-least three days a week. They will get get at least 16.8 days of leave in a year.

You can calculate your holiday entitlement from here.

Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport

Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport (Image: Heathrow)

Back in March 2020, Business Secretary Alok Sharma stated “Today’s changes will mean these valued employees do not lose out on the annual leave they are entitled to as a result of their efforts, and employers are not penalised.”

But, the Prime minister has failed to raise the issue on how this will affect holiday entitlement.

There are other concern that the travel industry across the world will face further damages.

Previously, Australia and New Zealand introduced 14 days quarantine rule upon arrival. It was very successful

Meanwhile, Virgin Atlantic may stop resuming its flights until August if UK introduces quarantine .

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