Scottish Residents Need To Follow Quarantine On Returning

Scottish Residents Need To Follow Quarantine On Returning

10/07/2020 0 By M Zaman

Scottish residents considering to visit in Spain, will now require to go into quarantine after returning from there after Covid-19 pandemic.

As, Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon has addressed this issue in her latest statement.

Most recently government in England publishes lists of countries for air bridges. That will allow them to travel without any further requirement to go 14 days of quarantine.

However, this rule is only applicable in England. Other parts of the country for an instance Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland are not following route.

Scottish First Minister added in her statement, “however there are others, such as Spain in particular, that have a significantly higher prevalence. As reported by the Joint Biosecurity Centre, the prevalence of the virus in Spain is around 330 people in every 100,000 have Covid.”

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain (Image: Pixabay)

And “That means the rate reported for Spain, while less than twice the rate for the UK as a whole, is more than 10 times the estimated rate for Scotland.”

While, residents in England are eligible to travel different parts of without requiring to go in to quarantine. Scotland is now considering there are countries will safe for Scottish tourists.

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First Minister furthermore added, “I can confirm that from 10th of July onwards, if you are travelling to Scotland from any of the 39 places the UK Government has rated as green, we will not require you to self-isolate upon arrival in Scotland.”

Countries now considering safe for Scottish tourists are Germany, Austria, Norway and Malta. But, the government will re-confirm it and publish the lists on its website.

Scottish government may add Australia on the list.

Danube River, Serbia

Danube River, Serbia (Image: Pixabay)

”Australia is also on that list, so let me mention that now. Despite the recent outbreak in Melbourne which I talked about, it is still assessed to be a low risk country. Because, as I mentioned – they have acted quickly to impose a strict localised lockdown so people in Melbourne can’t travel” according to the First Minister.

Government also signals to “lift quarantine for the countries on the amber list” for France, Greece, the Netherlands, Italy, and Poland. As it added those countres “have a prevalence below or not significantly higher than Scotland”

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Alongside, Spain the Scottish government urges Scottish residents not travel in Serbia as well.

As it added, “We also have concerns about Serbia – where a recent outbreak has led neighbouring states to close their borders with that country. The impact of that outbreak will not be seen in the data for a couple of weeks.”

”So the decision the Cabinet reached this morning is that the quarantine requirements cannot be immediately lifted for Spain and Serbia.”

But, the Scottish government will make a decision about Serbia and Spain during its next revieing date on July 20, 2020.

First Minister clarifies, “I hope that we will be able to add Spain – and possibly Serbia – to the exemption list, either in full or perhaps in part at the next review point which is on the 20th July.”

She also express historical tourism ties between Scotland and Spain,” I know how many people from Scotland enjoy travelling to Spain and how much we love welcoming Spanish tourists.”

Meanwhile, Scottish government is considering to abolish quarantine for travellers arriving from lower risk countries .

Previously, Wales announced it will resume its internal tourism industry from July 6, 2020.

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