NASA to Allow Visitors to Its International Space Station

NASA to Allow Visitors to Its International Space Station

15/06/2019 0 By M Zaman

Are you thinking to visiting International Space Station? Visiting the International Space Station is always a dream for some people. But don’t worry there are some good news. For the very first time, NASA will allow visitors to visit its International Space Station or the ISS.

NASA to make ISS commercial. It will allow visitors of its ISS portion for commercial activity including tourism.

But if you want visit the space with NASA, it won’t be cheaper. It will cost $35,000/£27,800 (1 USD = 0.794311 GBP) a night to tour with NASA. But it will not directly run by the NASA.

Instead, NASA will allow private companies to operate its leasing portions to run its tourism business. NASA has also revealed its frequently asked questions and privacy policy statement as part of its commerial plan.

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Also booking a flight ticket for the space will become expensive. There will be a massive competition at the space in nearer future. In 2013 Virgin Galactic announced selling of its space tickets for $250,000 or £300,000 approximately.

Meanwhile, other private companies don’t want to loose out itself from the competition. Private companies like Axiom Space and Bigelow Aerospace also planning trips to the ISS. It will use Elon Mask’s SpaceX rockets for their upcoming projects.

In the very nearer future space could turn into a battlefield among the conquer of its spaceships. This might not happen. Unless other countries countries like China, India, Russia consider for the similar project.

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India already announced, it will develop space weapons.

However, some believe that with the implementation of this project, NASA will become clearer from its overdue. Which is outstanding since last three decades.

Once this project is fully implemented, NASA can easily manage itself without help of the Government funding to run its future projects. It will make itself more independent.

The agency has a previous history with its funding issue. This project will help the space agency to recover from it.

There are plenty of helpful information of this project available from here.

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