London To Have Similar Weather Like Barcelona By 2050

London To Have Similar Weather Like Barcelona By 2050

25/07/2019 0 By M Zaman

London is one of the most popular summer destination in Europe for its lovely weather. People from all-over the world love to visit in London in-particularly during July and August. As there are plenty of sunshine available during this time.

It is also one of the remarkable city in Europe to discover more things and learn different culture under one roof.

However, the weather starts cooling-down from the beginning or the midst of September.

It is predicted that, this rotation is likely to change after three decades. Londoners will feel the weather by 2050 as in Barcelona today. According to a latest research reveals.

Because of the changes of the weather there will be more drought in London also in other parts of the UK as well.

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As the global climate change has a very significant impact in all over the world. Australia experienced extreme heatwave on its last summer.

Which was very extreme and almost intolerable among Australians including in its history.

According to the Guardian, there will be a huge affect on other parts of the Europe as well.

It reveals that weather in Madrid also a capital of Spain will face weather similar to Marrakech today.

A climate change protest

A climate change protest (Image: Unsplash)

However, there will be negative impacts on other parts of the European capitals as well.

Weather in Stockholm the capital of Sweden will feel like Budapest capital of Hugary today in 2050. Russian capital of Moscow will have weather very similar to Bulgarian capital Sofia today.

The Russians generally have a harsh winter during its wintry season. They also celebrate Christmas on January.

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There will be a significant impact on most popular North American cities as well. New York will have weather similar to Virginia Beach today.

On the other hand, Seattle will become a new San Francisco by 2050. Seattle is known as the coolest part in North America. During winter it is covered with snow.

But this tradition will change very significantly. Residents in Seattle will get more sunshine and hot during winter.

Simultaneously, New Zealand one of the lovely tourist destination on earth. Its capital Wellington will have weather which is very similar to Auckland by 2050. Auckland is one of the most popular city in New Zealand today.

So, it is a time to take necessary steps to prevent the global climate change before it is too late.

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