Italian Government To Charge Tourists For Visiting A Beach

Italian Government To Charge Tourists For Visiting A Beach

14/11/2019 0 By M Zaman

Italy is certainly one of the most popular Mediterranean holiday destinations among many of the holiday seekers. But, the Italian government to impose a small charge to visit its La Pelosa beach.

The La Pelosa beach is one of the white sandy beach at Stintino region of Sardinia, Italy. Some people often describe the beach as a “slice of heaven”. This beautiful azure beach become full of tourist during summer season.

There are thousands of tourist from different corner of the earth love to visit the beach in a day. This is causing a further ecological hazard to the beach. Now, the government wants to set a figure at 1500 on a single day while introducing tickets.

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According to Sassarioggi reports, the local government at Sardinia is planning for an additional fees against an individual beach visitor. This measurement will help to take necessary actions against further damages.

Stintino’s mayor Antonio Diana told the paper “The money collected from the fee would help to pay for the beach’s supervision and maintenance”. However, this project is initially on a trial basis according to Diana.

La Pelosa beach the dawn

La Pelosa beach the dawn (Image: Tripadvisor)

Meanwhile, Francesca Demontis a local tourism councillor further added “measures would deliver a good result”.

Authorities at La Pelosa beach use stricter policies to maintain a healthy environment to the beach. For an instance you can’t smoke at the beach.

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Also, a visitor is strictly forbidden to use beach towels and bags as precaution to remove sands from the beach.

Sand theft is one of the biggest issues at the beach. An offender will receive a fine of €3,000 (£2,600) for this petty crime.

Italy is a fabulous tourist destination in Europe. Most recently Rome has been nominated as the cheapest holiday destination in Europe for 2019.

Rome Historic Centre, Italy

Rome Historic Centre, Italy (Image: Pixabay)

Also, there are certain things you must avoid while you are in Italy. Otherwise, it will put you into a serious trouble.

There are longest sea beaches in the world, you will find interesting to reading.

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