Holidaymakers Will Pay Extra Roaming Charges After Brexit

Holidaymakers Will Pay Extra Roaming Charges After Brexit

14/07/2020 0 By M Zaman

For British holidaymakers considering to travel in Europe after Brexit are likely to pay for an expensive or extra roaming charges.

The government has issued a warning after launching a huge £93million ad campaign to prepare citizens for leaving the European Union.

UK will formally leave the union during the beginning of 2021 whether there is a deal or not. Free movements will formally stop.

However, under the current rule British nationals or legal residents in the UK can use their monthly allowance of data without incurring any extra charges in 28 European countries.

But, there are chances this benefit is likely to face an axe after the UK quits the single market and EU customs union on December 31, 2020.

Bardenas Reales, Navarre, Spain

Bardenas Reales, Navarre, Spain (Image: Pixabay)

On the other hand, from January 1, 2020 mobile companies may increase the charges if they want to.

UK’s largest mobile phone operators, O2, Vodafone, and Three have said they will continue to operate on the same terms. Without any guarantee on how long for.

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But, the government says it will cap British nationals from receiving mobile data charges above £45 for operators that don’t continue to offer free roaming.

Once this limit is crossed, customers will need to opt in to continue using the internet while abroad.

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove said, “At the end of this year we are leaving the single market and customs union regardless of the type of agreement we reach with the EU. This will bring changes and significant opportunities for which we all need to prepare.

Trevi Fountain, Italy

Trevi Fountain, Italy (Image: Pixabay)

“While we have already made great progress in getting ready for this moment, there are actions that businesses and citizens must take now to ensure we are ready to hit the ground running as a fully independent United Kingdom.

“This is a new start for everyone in the UK – British and European citizens alike – so let’s get going.”

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But Liberal Democrat acting leader Sir Ed Davey said: “Businesses right across the United Kingdom have struggled to survive financially over the past few months as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

“The fact that the Government is now trying to force them to gear up and prepare for the end of the transition period will fill them with utter horror.”

As Brexit is just six months away until the transitional period. British nationals are likely to face a barrage of information about the new restrictions that will be in place this including the roaming changes while abroad.

In the event of a no-deal Brexit. There are realistic chances British holidaymakers will have to pay for extra roaming changes while they visit other European countries.

Meanwhile, British nationals can travel to other EU countries same as other European nationals after the end of 2020. But, from 2021 they will need apply for ETIAS to enter in EU countries.

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