Gion District In Kyoto To Forbid Tourist To Take Photos

Gion District In Kyoto To Forbid Tourist To Take Photos

29/10/2019 0 By M Zaman

Do you have a plan to visit Japan soon? You need to know that Japan’s Gion district at Kyoto to impose penalties for tourist to take photos on private roads.

This rule means you can take photos while you are in different places in Kyoto. But, only exception is not to take unsolicited photos of geisha and maiko while you are at Gion district in Kyoto. According to, Japan Today reports.

Once you breach this rule, there are chances you are putting yourself into a serious risk.

Japan today also reports an user react “Wait a minute. If the fine is only 10,000 yen, then won’t there be tourists who just see it as a fee to pay to get whatever photos they want?” .

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On the other hand, another user react as “Exactly. It’s just 10,000 yen for All You Can Photo Anywhere You Want.”

Geisha girls in Japan

Geisha girls in Japan (Image: Pixabay)

Once this rule becomes fully effective a visitor have to pay a fine of 10,000 Yen or 71 Pound (1 JPY = 0.00714200 GBP) for breaching this most important rule.

While, you are in Kyoto, you can go and walk around the city while you there. As, it is one of the walk-able cities on earth.

Japan is already famous for its stricter laws and order. As a result, crimes in Japan is much lower than any other countries on earth.

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Most recently, Osaka and Tokyo has been nominated among liveable cities on earth.

Japan is a country enriched with culture. One of the world’s tallest statue The Ushiku Great Buddha at Ibaraki is also in Japan.

Stone statue in Kyoto, Japan

Stone statue in Kyoto, Japan (Image: Pixabay)

Meanwhile, if you are considering to visit in Kyoto some of the important rules you must know before you arrive there.

It is also very important you must comply with the rules and regulation of the country you are visiting to. Always, make sure to research shortly before your departure.

There are some of the most useful rules you can find out from here.

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