Direct Flight From London To Sydney Can Take 19 Hours

Direct Flight From London To Sydney Can Take 19 Hours

18/11/2019 0 By M Zaman

If you are considering to travel in Australia, it is a most fabulous place at the end of the earth. But, travellers will glad to know there are direct flight services between London to Sydney coming very soon.

Certainly, it will cut an additional lengths of journey time and make your journey more smoother and convenient.

Travelling to the most beautiful place on the earth will now take 19 hours on an average from London. But, this is currently on test until there are direct flight services from London to Sydney.

In a latest press release Australia’s leading flight operator Qantas has confirmed the information.

It has successfully conducted an operational flight from London to Sydney with “Boeing 787-9 registration VH ZNJ” as part of its project “Longreach”.

An interior scenery of Qantas's on board flight test from London to Sydney

An interior scenery of Qantas’s on board flight test from London to Sydney (Image: Qantas)

Qantas has celebrated its 100th birthday on 16th November 2019, this project is part of its birthday celebration.

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The flight operated from Heathrow Airport, London to fly across 11 other countries including England, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Philippines and Indonesia.

Finally, the non-stop flight reaches its destination (London to Sydney) safely and securely.

The average flight time from London to Sydney flight time was 19 hours and 19 minutes until it touches to the ground.

Qantas also has an ambition to make long-haul flights into much shorter. Most recently Australia’s leading passenger carrier has tested its non-stop flight services from New York to Sydney.

Qantas test flight from London to Sydney finally arrives

Qantas test flight from London to Sydney finally arrives (Image: Qantas)

The airline operator is entitles as a leading operator in the Oceania region. It is also a best airlines of 2019 alongside Air New Zealand.

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You also need to aware that most recently the airline announces its stricter policies in relation to carrying Macbook Pro within its flight.

However, if you prefer to board within a long-haul flights you must need to familiar with Deep Vein Thrombosis(DVT). But, there are some of the useful way you can prevent this from happening.

Lastly, if you are pregnant there are most useful guidance you need to follow before you fly. This will provide an utmost protection for both mother and baby.

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