Best Ways To Clean Our Hotel Room To Avoid COVID-19

Best Ways To Clean Our Hotel Room To Avoid COVID-19

17/05/2020 0 By M Zaman

A flight attendant shows the best way to clean our hotel room to stay safe from COVID-19.

Travel industry from across the globe has now badly affected because of COVID-19 or Coronavirus.

Hotels and other hospitality industries are also struggling within this natural crisis.

Many hotels from different cities in the world are now considering to turn into a temporary hospital. . Unless, there are no way to exit as early as possible.

However, we do hope this crisis will over within a very shortest period. More people will continue to book their desired hotel rooms.

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Even thought, once the crisis is over. We all have to follow most common safety procedure while we book a hotel room after COVID-19 period.

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As, it is very important to reduce the re-infection rates of the virus. Make sure to clean hotel room to avoid COVID-19.

An unnamed flight attendant, just as SkyQueen on her social media channels. Now provided useful tips to stay safe and secure from Coronavirus while we reserve a hotel room.

She was sharing the video from Cleveland, Ohio in her hotel room while she was travelling.

While, she was filming for the video. She was wearing a face mask and safety-gloves from the start to finish until she relaxes.

Also, she put her shoes mostly used in a separate bag. She was carrying N95 mask in a zip bag other masks and hand sanitisers.

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Then, she used a disinfectant spray to spray all over her luggages to reduce the spreading of the virus.

She recommended to use a wipe to keep door handles, light switches, bathroom taps cleaned.

On the other hand, she cleaned table and tv’s remote control with a wipe. She put the remote control in a zip bag.

She said: “Definitely [clean] the phone and remote control as they are always gross.”

Once again she used the disinfectant spray to spray all over her bed, where she sleeps.

There are other most important safety tips you can consider to follow. While you are considering to travel after COVID-19.

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