Why don’t commercial planes have parachutes for the plane?

Why don’t commercial planes have parachutes for the plane?

03/06/2019 0 By M Zaman

In the modern days of globalisation flights for an example from London to Sydney take several hours. But while we are on board incidences are not much uncommon, for that particular reasons airlines are provided with enough equipment. But there is one equipment is missing a parachute. It is also still questionable that the majority of the commercial planes don’t have parachutes for the plane.

First of all, for an instance you are planning to booking a flight from London to New York it will cost at least £500 or flight from New York to Sydney costs £1500. This offer is flexible and you don’t have to pay an extra costs.

However, if major airlines are provided with equipment like a parachute then the actual cost can go higher. It will not cost but less than £5000 to book a flight. In order to minimise the cost major airlines are not provided with parachutes.

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On the other hand, major airlines follow standard safety procedure for its passengers.

While using of parachutes require appropriate training to land on the ground with safely and securely. Commercial passengers are civilian, they don’t have appropriate training to use it. However, a parachute can certainly rescue you in the event of a hazard on the plane.

Man on parachute near the mountain

Man on parachute near the mountain (Image: Unsplash)

But unless you don’t know how to open it, you can be at serious risk too. There are chances you can land onto the ground without opening it and die immediately.

World’s major airforces like Royal Air Force and the US Airfoce and other air-forces are provided with proper training to handing a parachute properly.

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According to technology website Gizmodo reveals

“Since four hours of training just to board a plane is unrealistic, passengers would have to read and execute detailed skydiving instructions including how to properly strap the chute on in order to benefit from the parachute.”

It also suggest that in order to reducing wights of an aircraft and avoid hazards, major airlines normally avoid using of this important equipment on the plane.

This is why you will wonder “Why don’t planes have parachutes for the plane?”

There are also praglider professionals who has an expertise on handling the parachute properly. They are also an outdoor professionals.

But there are some good news, in the very nearer future airlines can use parachute for passengers safety.

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