Most Useful Tips To Avoid Catching Coronavirus On A Flight

Most Useful Tips To Avoid Catching Coronavirus On A Flight

17/07/2020 0 By M Zaman

Since, travel restrictions are now eased many people will now consider to enjoy summer holidays. Ultimately, there are greater chances of catching Coronavirus on a flight but most useful tips can help you to avoid this.

Although, many airlines across the world has implemented stricter measures to prevent Covid-19 or Coronavirus disease. But, still there are chances people will get infected from the disease.

In order to prevent the disease, a surgical-grade air filters can truly help to prevent the disease from spreading.

Another most important way to protect from the virus is by practising good hand hygiene. Medical experts from around the world recommend this.

While, on board it is very important for passengers to wash their hands thoroughly with soap, or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer as often as possible.

An interior view of a flight

An interior view of a flight (Image: Unsplash)

Passengers can bring their own hand sanitizer (but must be less than 100ml) as some airlines may not provide this item.

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David Heymann, who led the World Health Organisation’s infectious disease unit throughout the SARS epidemic, said “one of the most important ways of stopping respiratory outbreaks such as this is washing hands.”

Travellers will need to avoid touching their face, specifically their mouth, nose and eyes As, there are potential risks of exposing themselves to droplets they have picked up after touching surfaces.

They will need to avoid face-to-face contact whenever it is possible. Coronavirus disease is mostly spread from droplets produced from coughing, sneezing and speaking.

Since, many airlines have implemented wearing of face mask as a mandatory. This can genuinely useful for passengers.

Plane seats next to window are generally harmless

Plane seats next to window are generally harmless (Image: Pixabay)

They will also need to wear an appropriate covering over their mouth and nose to protect themselves and others.

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Meanwhile, passengers can re-consider to wear their face mask for the entire journey on the plane, and in both airports only exception of passport control and for eating or drinking.

Passengers can also consider to use antibacterial wipes to clean their seating area to further ensure there are no traces of the virus on surrounding surfaces.

It is best for passengers to stay their own seat but they can only leave emergencies like going to toilet.

Moreover, it is vital that anyone suspecting of symptoms of the pandemic not to travel immediately.

There are best plane seats you can consider to book to avoid Coronavirus disease.

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