Most Particular Codes Will Get You Free Flight Upgrade

Most Particular Codes Will Get You Free Flight Upgrade

23/09/2019 0 By M Zaman

While, you consider to book your flights it is truly an amazing experience. Regardless of either long haul or short haul. But, if you have particular codes on your boarding pass you will get a free flight upgrade.

Undoubtedly, this will provide you extra pieces of joy during your flight journey.

Generally, flight booking options with first class and business are non-upgradeable. If you are on economy class, then you can consider to upgrade it.

At least, this simplest option can make your journey more smoother and convenient. Additionally, you will receive special services.

Once you reserve your flight tickets to travel in different destinations. Always, double check there are two special codes exist on your boarding pass or ticket.

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The codes are ‘Y’ or ‘B’. If one of the codes are visible on your boarding pass, you can upgrade them beforehand you board a flight.

“This means that the ticket will be full fare but you will receive a complimentary upgrade if there are open spots in the next class of service,”’s Amy Lee told Business Insider.

In order, to receive the special upgrade feature on your flight booking. You have to make it just 24 hours before you travel.

On the other hand, if you are frequent traveller. You will get a special notice almost 100 hours prior to travel.

An interior view of a private jet

An interior view of a private jet (Image: Instagram/geram23)

Previously, two passengers explained how they travel with private jet same cost as the ordinary airline.

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There are also a code called ‘GTE’. This code means flight has been oversold. Air Canada is using the code mostly.

This option will provide you an indication beforehand booking your flights.

Moreover, if you see ‘SSSS’ codes on your boarding pass. According to, Business Insider people with this code are an unusual traveller.

The code ‘SSSS’ stands Secondary Security Screening Selection. Once, someone has the code they are part of “TSA’s Secure Flight system for enhanced security screening”.

Transportation Security Administration or TSA randomly target particular groups of people in the USA.

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