Middle Seat Separator Can Improve Social Distancing

Middle Seat Separator Can Improve Social Distancing

15/05/2020 0 By M Zaman

Travel industry is already facing an uncertain future. There are no indications when we will continue to travel worldwide. But, a newly designed middle seat separator can improve social distancing while we travel.

In the foreseeable future people will continue to travel again. But, we need to prepare for accepting the truth that it will never be same as it was before COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic.

Although, life at home is returning to normal. Once, we are considering to travel overseas as a holiday-maker it is still difficult.

As, FCO advises “British nationals against all but essential international travel”.

Most recently, Health Secretary Matt Hancock hints summer holidays to long-haul destinations is likely to be cancelled.

On the other hand, there are concern Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces self-isolation passengers arriving via flights.

Middle Seat Separator To Improve Social Distancing

Main concept of middle seat separator for social distancing

Main concept of middle seat separator for social distancing (Image: Earth-Bay.com)

A new innovation of the modern technology will significantly change our future of travel.

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French aeronautical engineer Florian Barjot has designed an inexpensive plexiglass model.

It can easily fit onto a planes middle seat so passengers in the aisle and window will get an ultimate protection.

“With the Covid-19 outbreak, for the first time in recent history, the passenger air traffic dropped globally by 90% during a two months period,” according to the PlanBay.

“Due to the uncertainty, we need to be resilient and adaptable. Modern aircraft have efficient air systems that prevent the contagion from one person to the entire passenger population, but the health authorities recommend one-meter distancing, which is hardly achievable in economy class, even with an empty middle seat.”

The design also consisting of protection panel that block the middle seat, and separate the row of seats from passengers.

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He also further added to Lonely Planet: “I remember my wife saying, ‘I don’t want to have someone sneeze behind me!”

“The pitch for rows is between 30-35 inches only, even less with the seatback reclined.
“But there is still a difference between two or three feet distance and touching an unknown passenger sharing the same armrest.”

However, this model is a temporary design mainly focusing only for when airlines are ready to follow social distancing requirements.

According to Engineer Barjot: “The idea of a removable kit makes sense when the need for sanitary measures is temporary and/or limited to a geographic area.

“It may be counterintuitive, but the kit aspect matches the airline vision that planes two-thirds full are not viable for the long term.”

There are additional information about this revolutionary design is available from here.

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