Fraud Flight Tickets Can Entirely Ruin Your Holiday

Fraud Flight Tickets Can Entirely Ruin Your Holiday

23/08/2019 0 By M Zaman

It is always important that you need to book or purchase your flight ticket from the right place. If you are planning for a trip either on a long-haul or short-haul flight, always double check with its validity. Ingenuity, check is very important before you travel. Otherwise, fraud flight tickets can put you into a serious trouble.

Unless, you follow the important rule, the airline carrier can ban you for life. It will bring additional frustration for you and your family.

There are dozens of website and they sell fraudulent flight tickets online. So, you have to use extra amount of precautions while you book for your flight.

It is always a wise idea to book flight your ticket directly from an authorise travel agent or the airline carrier directly rather than using a third party company. As they are fraud sometimes.

According to DailyMail reports, two of the regular EasyJet passengers Kenny Rainford and his wife Marie Rylance are on the ban list from flying with the airline.

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The couple were in-search for a cheap flight ticket. They found an Instagram page “Half Price 36522” where they booked their with £200.

Always double check your flight tickets prior to departure

Always double check your flight tickets prior to departure (Image: Pixabay)

However, once the couple approach to board into their flight. Easyjet staff intercepted from boarding into the flight to enjoy a holiday in their villa in Spain. Where they love to travel once in a month.

Airline authorities also declared the tickets were fraudulent. They had to leave Liverpool John Lennon Airport with an ultimate ban. Left them with an extremely vulnerable situation without a chance to board into an EasyJet airline once again.

Although, the couple has been flying with EasyJet since 2005. They never experienced any horrendous situation like this before.

Mr Rainford also told the DailyMail his friend introduced him to the company on an Instagram page ” Half Price 36522″. Where he regularly buy his ticket.

He also made a primary enquiry and asked them ‘how do you get tickets for cheaper?’ They replied “they buy them in bulk when they are on offer and then sell them on”.

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After carefully examining the situation he was agreed to pay for the tickets with a bank transfer and had received his itinerary straight away.

An EasyJet flight

An EasyJet flight (Image: EasyJet/Twitter)

However, Mr Rainford only realised there was a different name on the itinerary when was stopped at the gate. He contacted with the company they replied him “clerical error”.

They also informed him that the third individual on the booking was actually the person. The fraudulent company cloned the card of the individual to purchase the tickets.

But there are some good news for Mr Rainford. EasyJet was agreed to refund the transaction of £200 as there were fraudulent activities.

Also the family is in keep in touch with the EasyJet to clear off their name from the ban lists.

You will also find worthwhile to read Skyscanner’s scam guideline to protect yourself from flight tickets fraud.

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