Treat yourself like a boss on your flight booking

Treat yourself like a boss on your flight booking

24/12/2018 0 By M Zaman

Have you already booked an economy class ticket? Don’t worry even if you have already made your flight booking, you still can receive first-class treatment.

Flight booking website has provided some great tips and tricks which is great to use to get flight upgrade .

Here are the flight booking tricks that will treat yourself like a boss:

Enjoy best of the lounges: Generally speaking airport lounges are not free at all. It will definitely charge you to using their services. However there are quick hecks which you could use to enjoy airport-lounges like a boss.

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There are apps like Priority Pass and and Lounge Buddy which will let you to enjoy airport lounges at a discounted rate.

Be bossy on your dress-codes: While you are on-board be dress yourself with formal attire. This will make and treat like your own boss.

Give yourself some of the extra rooms: Most people travel with suitcases. However there are many airlines who often asks their passengers to put their belongings on hold. It would be a fantastic idea if you use the overhead locker for your own comfort.

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You will get some extra room by your feet for free.

Keep yourself entertained: In your journey you might feel it like boring. You might want to some extra bits of film , dramas. Which most of the airlines doesn’t have.

Instead you can download your favourite items on your electronic devices.

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