Best Ways To Change Flight Names From Original Booking

Best Ways To Change Flight Names From Original Booking

05/09/2019 0 By M Zaman

The true costs of making a mistake in different applications is very unknown. If you are considering to travel any time soon and has made a typing error any of documents like flight ticket or passport. It is difficult to overcome sometimes. But if you want to change flight names from original booking it can even more harder than actual booking.

Even, in many cases it is highly likely that you have to pay the higher prices. Also, there are chances you will face adverse consequences once you are considering to amend this.

For an instance, if you ever made a typing mistake of your name while booking your flight ticket. Once you are considering rectifying this simple mistake, some airlines can charge.

However, there some airlines they don’t even charge you for change flight ticket names. But, some airlines can deny you to change this.

But, before you travel make sure your kids have same surname as of both of the parents on their passports. Otherwise, it will cause you annoyance at the while you try to leave the country kids with different surname.

Before you travel make sure to check surnames

Before you travel make sure to check surnames (Image: Pixabay)

We already discussed in a separate article about this issue. At least, it will help you to get rid of the extreme situation at the airport quite easily.

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Once you are considering to make visa waiver entries to USA, then use extra amount of time to fill the application. Because, a three month old baby had to face US embassy for terrorism offences.

As, the baby’s grandparent made a mistake during filling it up online.

On the other hand, you also need to aware that different airlines have different policies to changing name on a ticket. This can usually happen, when make the actual booking but did not notice the error.

According to The Guardian, has provided useful guidance in relation to this issue.

Use extra precautions to book your holiday packages

Use extra precautions to book your holiday packages (Image: Pixabay)

While, you are considering to book your flight tickets use extra precaution. If you flight ticket comes within a holiday package, then use this option very wisely.

Shortly, before you submit your flight booking confirmation, double check it.

Also, don’t forget to check airlines terms and conditions and their terms and conditions very carefully.

However, if you are looking to changing your names Ryan Air will charge you £160 from call centre and £115 from online. EasyJet will charge you £30, for changing names more than 60 days before travel and £55 from call centre.

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Meanwhile, Jet2 will cost you £35 and Wizz Air will charge you £40 for name changes.

Cost saving airlines like Jet2 can also charge you

Cost saving airlines like Jet2 can also charge you (Image: Wikimedia)

Although, Jet2 has been nominated as one of the best airlines in Europe for 2019.

On the other hand, Flybe will charge you £100(£50 each way) and Aer Lingus for £80.

Simultaneously, British Airways use much stricter polices in terms of changing names on flight ticket. They refuse to transfer any ticket.

Majority, of the airlines are not much transparent in terms of their policies. According to Richard Moriarty, Chief Executive of “airlines need to make the rules more transparent”.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic is one of the most popular airline carrier in Europe (Image: Virgin Atlantic)

But Virgin Atlantic is very fair for changing names of any flight tickets. It will allow you to changing names at any time before you travel. You don’t require to pay additional fees.

Most recently the airline announces new flight route to Havana from summer 2020.

Once you are considering to travel abroad either for holiday or personal work. Always make sure to buy flight tickets from the airline carrier directly. Don’t buy fraud flight tickets.

Otherwise, it will cause you serious trouble if you buy from other sources.

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