5 best sites for flight booking

5 best sites for flight booking

17/12/2018 3 By M Zaman

Securing your flight tickets can be frustrating and daunting task for you sometimes. There are dozens of flight booking sites which can make your flight comparison further more difficult unless you don’t have pre-guided direction.

Why do you need to consider best flight booking sites for next trips?

We all love to travel hassle free during our journey. Before you travel always make sure you do have the adequate information about about flights including packages, prices. Unless you don’t have these basic information it can be hazardous for you during your flight trips.

Here are flight booking sites for fly away:

1. Cheap Flights UK

Cheap flights is a good website where you can book your flights.


Their offer is also extended into “Flight+Hotel“. They also offer “Holiday deals”, which makes hotel, flight and sight-seeing-tour into one place.

It would be idealistic choice if you choose Holiday deals only rather than considering other twos. But unfortunately this deal might not work for you unless want to book particular place.

2. Expedia UK

Expedia works slightly different from Cheap flights.

expedia uk flights

The only way it would differentiate itself from cheap flights is cheap flights do have holiday packages which covers flights, hotels and tour itself, which Expedia flights does not have. Their offer is limited to flights and hotels only. However they do have car rental facilities which covers flights and hotels, which you might consider to use.

3. Kayak UK

You certainly can use Kayak flights UK. Kayak is also a useful site if you you are looking to book your flight ticket.

Kayak UK Flights

Here at Kayak you have preferences to book Flights, Flight+Hotel or you can use deal option.

Deal options cover hotels, flights and to visit your destination place. It will be worth to keep this site among your flight booking preferences.

4. Momondo UK

Momondo will help you to compare best flight booking deals.

Momondo UK Flights

Likewise other comparison sites their deal is slightly different which is only limited to flight booking only, unless you use their packages.

5. Skyscanner UK

Skyscanner will get you best value flight booking deals which almost unavailable everywhere else.

Skyscanner UK

But the key differences between momondo and skyscanner are skyscanner does not have facilities like flight and hotel altogether. They do have these facilities but you have to purchase them separately.

Useful tips: You can always use flight comparison sites to get the best deal. However, it will be a wise idea to book your airline tickets directly from their sites.

For example an Iberia ticket from London Heathrow to Barcelona can actually cost £50-£70, in this circumstances if you use flight comparison site to compare flight tickets and later you opt to book from there. But the deal might cost £250-£300. So compare your flight booking tickets for your upcoming holidays from a flight operator directly.

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