Helicopter training to become a pilot

Helicopter training to become a pilot

25/12/2018 0 By M Zaman

Becoming helicopter pilot will let someone to make helicopter flights much more comfortable. Once someone become a pilot it make it lot more easier for their passenger to enjoy best ever helicopter rides.

While you are in a helicopter flying course, you will ask yourself “how do helicopters fly”. This will help you to go one step further to become a helicopter pilot.

Once you are intending to do a helicopter flying course you might a bit more scary whether to find the right place for your training. But don’t worry there are institutions with excellent reputation will be on your side to finish you the course. They will also lead you to entering into the world of your piloting career.

This course would really amaze upon successfully completion there higher chances to do your internships. Some institutions do offer scholarships, which is extremely good for reduction of tuition fees.

Here are some of the good places for helicopter training and to become pilot:

Elite Helicopters

Elite Helicopters provide Private Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot Licence, Light Aircraft Pilot Licence , Flight Instructor Rating, Advanced Flying And Ratings, Self Fly Hire & Hour Building courses.

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If you are novice, you could start with the Private Pilot Licence course which is flexible and you do not require previous qualifications. However, you have to be 16 and over.

Their schools are located at Goodwood Aerodrome and Fairoaks Airport.

Visit Elite Helicopters to find out more


Phoenixhelicopters has schools in Hamshire and Surrey and Sussex. Are you bored to train the UK? You have options to go in Spain for training, which is due to open in January, 2019.

The school offers massive discount for students. You can also find out more information about their training courses

Visit Phoenixhelicopters to find out more

Heli Air

The school does offer Introductory Helicopter Lessons, Private Pilot’s Licence, Commercial Pilot’s Licence, Advanced Pilot Training

The school is based on London, Gloucester, Thruxton, Wellsbourne geo-locations. If you are from London, it’s worth to reserve your booking with the schools.

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Visit Heli Air to find out more

Central Helicopters

The school was opened in 2007. It is based in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.

Students can book private pilot’s licence, light aircraft licence, commercial licence and flight instructor courses.

Visit Central Helicopters to find out more.

Rise Helicopters

The school is based on Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. One of the good about the school is the school is located at Gloucestershire Airport.

You can find out more about Rise Helicopters from here

Extra tips: If you are interested in a degree course you can consider to study Airline, Airport and Aviation Management for your next career progression. Don’t forget to check UCAS’s guideline to become a pilot

Once you are intended to go for a helicopter training be always check with the school you are going to. Always check what facilities do they offer and if possible go to different schools for further comparisons. Then you will be able to come up with an admission.

Best tips to get your next flight upgrades.

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