Warm Beaches In Scotland You Can Consider To Visit Today

Warm Beaches In Scotland You Can Consider To Visit Today

08/06/2019 0 By M Zaman

Scotland is one of the most beautiful country in the UK. Within this beautiful country you will so many beaches that will keep you warm and fit during summer. If you would like a true flavour of Scotland then you can consider to visit one of the warm beaches in Scotland.

While you visit in Scotland you will find this beautiful country is very closely connected to Scandinavian regions. In particularly with Iceland, Norway and Denmark. Scotland has so many isles. It is also a popular winter holiday destination, if you want to enjoy ski holidays.

According to website Keep Scotland Beautiful has published lists of most beautiful beaches in Scotland. Which is also known as “beach awards”.

In order to win this prestigious award there are there some of the criteria which also require to full-fill.

Warmest beaches in Scotland

When you visit in Scotland you find plenty of warm beaches. Here the list of some of the warm beaches you will find different parts of Scotland.

Aberdeen City

Aberdeen Ballroom Beach

Aberdeen Ballroom Beach (Image: visitscotland)

The City Of Aberdeen in North-Eastern part of Scotland. It is also the third largest city in Scotland followed by Edinburgh and Glasgow. At Aberdeen City you will museums, statues and different parks to explore.

While you visit in Aberdeen you will find North Sea Oil very nearby. However, you will find a lovely beach nearby Aberdeen City.

Beaches to visit


Balmedie Beach

Balmedie Beach (Image: visitscotland)

There are some of the useful information you need to know that the Aberdeenshire is a one of the of the historic counties in Scotland.

This place is also famous for St Cyrus National Nature Reserve. It is also a perfect place where you can see the Northern Lights.

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Within this historical county you will find plenty of good quality beaches to enjoy for your own recreational activities.

Beaches to visit


Lunan Bay

Lunan Bay (Image: visitscotland)

The Angus is sharing borders with Aberdeenshire, Dundee City and Perth and Kinross.

Angus has an history which is backdated from Medieval period. Meanwhile, it is also considered to be the birth place of Scotland.

When you are considering to visit in Angus you will there plenty of lovely beaches nearby.

Beaches to visit

Dundee City

Broughty Ferry

Broughty Ferry (Image: visitscotland)

The City Of Dundee is the fourth largest city in Scotland after Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen.

At Dundee you will find Camperdown Wildlife Centre. You will also find plenty of parks, gardens and museums to visit

However, finding a lovely beach nearby Dundee City is not very much uncommon. You will find it quite easily.

Beaches to visit

East Lothian

North Berwick Milsey Bay

North Berwick Milsey Bay (Image: visitscotland)

The East Lothian district is within Lothian region of Scotland. It is also very closest to the capital Edinburgh.

It is also considered to be a sunniest area in Scotland. You will find gardens and castles to explore in East Lothian. There are also museums available.

At East Lothian you will find plenty of beaches to enjoy.

Beaches to visit


Aberdour Silversands

Aberdour Silversands (Image: visitscotland)

At Fife you can enjoy plenty of outgoing activities. If you love visiting museum, palaces ,castles and galleries then Fife is the right location for you.

While you are there you can consider to visit Scottish Fisheries Museum. It is also the birth-place of Andrew Carnegie and Adam Smith.

However, finding a quality beaches at Fife is not a very difficult. There are plenty of beaches out there.

Beaches to visit

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Achmelvich Bay

Achmelvich Bay (Image: tripadvisor)

The highland of Scotland splits between the mainland of the Scotland and different isles.

There are plenty of places you can consider to visit. But don’t miss to visit Glenfinnan, it is where Harry Porter were filmed.

While, you are there you will find it quite easier to find beaches as it is a coastal side and so many isles nearby.

Beaches to visit

North Ayrshire

Newton Beach Millport

Newton Beach Millport (Image: visitscotland)

The North Ayrshire is in South-Western part of Scotland. It is actually the coastal side of Scotland.

While you are there you can visit Robert Burns Birthplace Museum. You will also find different castles and parks to visit.

You will find best quality beaches quite easily.

Beaches to visit

Scottish Borders


Coldingham (Image: tripadvisor)

Scottish Borders is a border between England and Scotland. It connects Scotland to the English counties of Cumbria and Northumberland.

Ther are plenty of places you can consider to visit. Within this border you never feel difficult to finding a beach.

Beaches to visit


St Ninians Isle

St Ninians Isle (Image: wikicommons)

Shetland sometimes called “Shetland Island”. Its name originally derived from Shetland Pony.

You will find plenty of places to visit while you are at Shetland.

As it is a small island finding a beach is not very much difficult task. It is surrounded by the sea.

Beaches to visit

South Ayrshire

Prestwick beach

Prestwick beach (Image: visitscotland)

South Ayeshire shrare borders with Dumfries and Galloway, East Ayrshire and North Ayrshire.

If you enjoy playing golf, then South Ayrshire is the right location for you. There is a golf club called Golf South Ayrshire. You can consider to visit.

There also plenty of things you can do while you are there.

However, finding different beaches there is not a very difficult task. You will also find different beaches quite easily.

Beaches to visit

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