Best Beaches You Never Miss To Visit In Kos Island

Best Beaches You Never Miss To Visit In Kos Island

06/07/2019 0 By M Zaman

Greece is one of the most popular summer destination in Europe. It is also a one of the best countries on earth to travel in July. This lovely country has many islands to get plenty of sunshine. Kos is one of the lovely island of Greece. There are some of the best beaches you can consider to visit in Greece.

This lovely island is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Europe. Although it is small in size but it has so many tourist attractions in-particularly beaches, that will refresh you in a new way. Also, you will make a new experience once you visit Kos Island.

One of the biggest advantage of different beaches of Kos Island are most them are blue flag rated.

Best Beaches In Greece Island Of Kos

Once you arrive at the Greek Island of Kos, here are some of the lovely beaches you can visit. You don’t need to wait long enough to find one of the lovely beaches.

Mastichari Beach

Mastichari Beach

Mastichari Beach (Image: Greeka)

Mastichari beach of Kos Island is one of the family friendly beach. This beach is also a perfect location to make you relaxed.

While, you are on Mastichari beach, it is not too difficult to find sun loungers on the beach. If you want to enjoy different water-sports, you are choosing a right place for outdoor activities.

This lovely sandy beach has bars and restaurants nearby. There also showers, parking and toilets facilities available on the beach.

Tigaki Beach

Tigaki Beach

Tigaki Beach (Image:

This beach is closest to the City Of Kos. Tigaki Beach is a family-friendly beach and a right place for relaxation.

Once of the biggest advantages of the beach is very close to different hotels nearby. It is also a right place to enjoy different water-sports.

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You will also find facilities like showers, toilets, parking, sun loungers on the beach. There are also life-guards available on the beach.

Polemi Beach

Polemi Beach

Polemi Beach (Image: Greeka)

The Polemi beach also known as Polemi Golden beach. It is one of the sandy beaches in Kos Island.

This lovely beach is a dream destination for naturalists. Where naturalists can seek for relaxation without interruption from the modern world.

However, this much quieter than other beaches. There are sun-loungers and snacks available to buy from nearby.

Marmari Beach

Marmari Beach

Marmari Beach (Image:

Marmari beach is one of the windy beaches of Kos Island. This family-friendly beach is a perfect destination for relaxation and enjoying different water-sports.

It is also one of the cleanest beaches of Kos Island.

This lovely beach provides facilities like showers, toilets and beach loungers. There is also an optional parking-facilities available.

In your spare time you can buy snacks nearby from the beach.

Psalidi Beach

Psalidi Beach

Psalidi Beach (Image:

The Psalidi beach is formed of sand and pebbles. This lovely beach is friendlier for adventurous tourists who enjoy different water sports.

This beach is also friendlier for LGBT, naturists and dogs. But dogs are normally not allow on public places.

However, if you are naturist bathing is possible on southern part of the beach.

There are also snacks bars available from nearby.

Kardamena Beach

Kardamena Beach

Kardamena Beach (Image:

Kardamena beach is one of the right location to enjoy swimming and sunbathing.

Although it is a sandy beach but it has certain areas where you will find rocky. This beach is also busy compared to other beaches.

It is also a developed beach of Kos Island. Because of it developed infrastructure it is quite popular among tourists.

There are also sun-lounges facilities available.

Lambi Beach

Lambi Beach

Lambi Beach (Image:

Lambi Beach is one of the lovely beach of Kos Island is also closest from the Kos Town. One of the big advantages of this fantastic beach has there are lots of sunbeds, parasols.

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It is a family friendly beach if you prefer you can bring your dogs.

There are also snack bars and cafes found around the beach.

Kefalos Bay

Kefalos Bay

Kefalos Bay (Image: Tripadvisor)

Kelafos Bay is a surf friendly beach of Kos Island. From beginner to advanced level surfer love to visit the beach when they have plenty of time.

If you don’t have previous skills of windsurfing you can book with Kefalos Wind Surfing to make yourself familiar with windsurfing.

You will also find parasols quite easily while you are on the beach.

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach (Image:

Paradise beach is a slice of paradise of Kos Island. It has crystal clear tranquil water that will truly attract you.

You will find the beach with lots of people and you can bring your family as well. There is also snacks available from the beach.

There is also plenty of opportunities to enjoy water-sports.

Agios Fokas

Agios Fokas

Agios Fokas (Image:

If you enjoy diving then Agios Fokas is the perfect diving destination for you.

This beach is covered with black sand and pebbles whereas other beaches are cover with sands. There is a corner of the beach is used by naturists.

Once you are on the beach you will never feel difficulties to find parasols and snack bars around.

Thermes Beach

Thermes Beach

Thermes Beach, Kos Island (Image:

This lovely beach is formed of pebble. It is located next to a rock

Likewise, other beaches of Kos Island, this beach is not friendlier of water-sports activities. It is also smaller in size.

However, you can swim in the beach if would like to.

Agios Stefanos

Agios Stefanos

Agios Stefanos (Image:

If you love nature and history at the same time, then Agios Stefanos is the right location for you.

You will find ruins of old Christian churches nearby. This beach is also water-sports friendly.

This beach is formed of sand and pebbles. Also if you would like to take photographs you never find beautiful beaches like Agios Stefanos.

It is a perfect place to take photographs.

You can also find out more information about the Kos Island from here.

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