Bizarre Rules That Can Ruin Your Holiday

Bizarre Rules That Can Ruin Your Holiday

02/03/2019 0 By M Zaman

It is a wise idea that you learn and know weird laws beforehand you are visiting any country. These rules can vary from from country to country.

However, being failure to complying with the rules may punish you in a harder way from from fine to imprisonment or even death sentence.

Weird laws are much more effective to keep a country like Singapore to make itself more beautiful, secure and almost crime free.

Whenever, you have a plan to visiting a country you need to know its rule beforehand. Now-a-days we live in a smallest global village of the internet, makes it much more easier and simpler for us.

Here are some of the weird laws which is considered that exist in different countries you can find out:

Don’t bring Vapes



We all know that vapes or e-cigarette is less harmful than smoking. But unfortunately there are some countries don’t allow them under any circumstances.

Tourist countries like Mexico and Thailand don’t allow them at all. If you are considering to bring vapes or vaping liquids while you visiting these countries then you are making a worst mistake.

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It could even put you behind bar for many years.

Don’t publish an Instagram photo on the beach

Mai Khao Beach, Thailand

Mai Khao Beach, Thailand

There are so many beach lovers, they love to take photos while they on he beach.

If you are visiting Mai Khao Beach in Thailand, then don’t consider to take a photos and publish them on Instagram.

Instagrammers love to take photos on this beach because Phuket airport is located nearby and the air planes fly low over the beach. This may be a distraction for pilots.

If you are considering so, it is likelihood that you are embracing a death penalty.

Don’t chew a gum

Chewing gum

Person is stepping on chewing gum

There are plenty of health benefits of chewing a gum

If you are considering to bring chewing gums in Singapore , then you are making a worst ever mistake.

Singapore directly prohibits sale or distribution of chewing gum. If you are considering so, then you are risking a huge amount of fines under controversial law introduced in the 90s.

Perhaps this is considered among one of the weird laws. But you need to aware that laws in Singapore is much more stricter and makes Singapore one of the beatiful cities on earth.

Don’t spit


A person is spitting

We all have to spit to clean our saliva.

Spitting is our natural tendency. But spitting in some countries can a serious criminal offence/

If you ever spit in Singapore, then you are risking a fine of up to SG$1,000.

Don’t celebrate Valentines Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

Human beings like to falling in love. To remark this day more special Valentines day is of course here.

But there are countries on earth where Valentines Day banned.

Countries like Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan ,Saudi Arabia including Russia do not celebrate Valentines day or they perform under limited circumstances.

Homosexuality is strictly forbidden

LGBT Rainbow Flag

LGBT Rainbow Flag

If you are considering to countries like Malaysia, Indonesia or Brunei, then you need to aware that these countries criminalising against homosexuals.

Most recently Brunei announced stoning to death for being a homosexual.

Instead you can consider countries where homosexuality is legal.

Don’t take selfies

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Dubai is certainly a popular place among tourists from all over the world.

However, if you are considering to take photos of government buildings is a criminal offence under UAE law.

This extended further into outside courts, military areas including palaces. Also if you have spotted and take photos of it is also a criminal offence.

Don’t drink alcohol at flight



If you are considering to visit countries like Qatar, you need to aware that if you drink excessive levels of alcohol at flight you will be arrested upon landing. If you are sober on the flight then it is absolutely fine. You are completely aware of.

You can subjected to imprisoned or being deported from the country.

Don’t stepping on money

Thai Baht Notes

Thai Baht Notes

If stepping on monies in Thailand, that can be a most serious offence.

As Thai’s consider it as an insult to any image of the royal family.

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