Useful Tips To Book Cheap Summer Getaways

Useful Tips To Book Cheap Summer Getaways

30/07/2019 0 By M Zaman

Summer holiday is one of the busiest period of the year. You will find most of the deals are very expensive compared to Autumn and Winter during summer.

If you are considering to book a holiday during summer there are some of the most common tricks you can use.

You also need to aware that July is the busiest month of the travel industry. So, if you are opting for book your summer holiday try to make it during June or after midweek of August.

There are good chances you will get best deals including very cheapest.

Why not consider to travel in October? You can travel with an empty aircraft almost free of passengers.

One of the Jet2 passenger paid just £46 for a very cheap flight from Glasgow to Greece. There were no other passengers other than airline crews on the plane.

At least this will help you to enjoy best of the summer holiday with your families.

Most common tricks to save money during summer holiday booking

If you are considering to travel during summer, here are some of the most common tricks you can use. This will help you to save money during summer holiday.

Book as early as you can

Online booking

Make your booking as early as possible (Image: Unsplash)

If you are considering to book for a summer holiday in-particularly during July, then book it as early as possible. Book your holidays at least 2-3 weeks before departure.

It is generally a wise idea to book a flight at least 54 days before you travel.

Also consider to make it during June or by the middle week of August. Prices can generally go down during this time. Lastminute all inclusive deals are very useful.

Don’t miss out a deal

best deals

Book a deal as early as possible (Image: Unsplash)

You have found in a website for an instance “Cheap flight from London to Barcelona for just £90 per person” in June.

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According to flight comparison site Momondo, this can go up but not less than £120-£150 per person during July.

So, it is worth to accept an offer what is available in the first place. If you find a cheap holiday deal, don’t miss it.

Avoid during weekends

inside airport

Avoid weekend flights if possible (Image: Unsplash)

It is of course a wise idea to avoid booking flights during weekends. In-particularly if it is Saturday. As the weekends flight are more expensive rather than weekdays.

Also try to consider to book a flight during earliest part of the weekdays. Morning is the ideal option. You will get best value including very cheap flights available during this period.

However, if you are considering to travel with your children. Try to make it during May, as travelling with kids can be expensive during June, July and August.

Travel very late during summer

travel in late summer

Consider to travel in end of the summer (Image: Unsplash)

A summer can last from June to August most of the part of the Europe and North America.

You don’t need to make a rush to book your holidays during July. As discussed above it is one of the busiest month for the travel booking.

Most of the prices of a deal can go up during July. So, it is a wise idea to book for a holiday in August.

During mid or late of August is the very ideal option.

Try to look for all inclusive

all inclusive

Look for all inclusive deals (Image: Pixabay)

It is certainly a good idea to book rather than book for flights and hotels.

At least it will help you to save some money during summer. But be sure to check with your travel agent beforehand who you are booking with.

Also don’t forget check with policies including their insurance coverage. Be sure to double check with terms and conditions as well.

Otherwise, it will leave you vulnerable during holidays.

Sign up for deals

sign up

Sign up for different deals to get cheapest offers (Image: Pexels)

Once you consider to sign up for online coupon services like Groupon and Wowcher. This will also help to save some money to enjoy meals at different restaurants in home and abroad.

Sometimes there are also deals available for different holiday packages including flights. Which can help you to save some money at least.

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So, consider to sign-up online coupon services.

Set a budget

one pound coin

Use available options to save money during holiday (Image: Pixabay)

If you are consider to going holiday abroad, then consider to recap your budget limits.

Sometimes this can be one of the useful option for you. Although you can book a holiday during July, but don’t spend extra money during holiday.

At least, this can help you to spend some extra monies during holiday.

Instead of using credit card, try to take some cash. Some credit card charges extra money for using their card overseas.

Also you can’t control your spending limit with credit card. You can return home with unnecessary charges.

Alternatively, while using cash you can count it like 1-2-3. This will help you to save some extra money.

If you have no other options in hand, but to use credit card during holiday. Then consider to using travel credit card which has 0% interest for using abroad.

Money Saving Expert provides wide variety of travel credit cards which has 0% interest rates for using worldwide and Europe.

Book on economy

inside of a flight

Try to book on economy class (Image: Unsplash)

In terms of flight booking try to consider it to minimise as low as possible.

For an instance, if you are considering to book a flight between London to Singapore. Try to book a seat with an economy class where it is available, rather than business class.

This option can also help you to save money at least.

Alternatively, you also can look for very cheap airlines. This can also help you to save some money at least.

Look after your luggage

luggage inside airport

Always check your luggage fees before you travel (Image: Pexels)

Some airlines can charge you for just a luggage or an additional luggage.

Always make a double check with their airline policies. Also don’t forget to find out whether it is part of the holiday packages or not.

However, the luggage can be a very small amount.

Avoid Summer

summer holiday

Try to avoid for a holiday booking during summer (Image: Pexels)

Summer is of course full of sunshine. But when it is in-terms of money it does not.

If possible try to avoid long-haul flights for an example from London to Dubai. During summer time there is point to travelling in Dubai.

Simultaneously, you can consider to travel nearby countries of different isles or tour the entire country. You can preserve the money once a summer finishes.

Alternatively, you can book for a holiday in Australia during the beginning of December. You will find many deals available which is much more cheaper than summer.

You can also enjoy summer twice a year. One is in home and other is in Australia. As summer in Australia last from December until February.

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