USA To Impose New Visa Rules For Pregnant Woman

USA To Impose New Visa Rules For Pregnant Woman

24/01/2020 0 By M Zaman

The USA to impose a new visa rules for pregnant woman who is considering to travel the country soon.

While, this country is a famous destination for travellers from all over the world. Many pregnant women from abroad love to visit the country to give a birth.

As, the USA is one of the fewest countries on earth grants citizenship by birth. Regardless, of their nationality and their immigration status.

Nevertheless, even one of the parents is not an US citizen during the time of their child’s birth. A child still can become an US national through birth.

However, according to Aljazeera reports that the US authority can deny granting visa a pregnant woman.

US Passport

US Passport (Image: Pixabay)

While, their primary objective is to birth a child on the US territory.

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On the other hand, the authority may grant visa to the tourists. Where their primary goal is to receiving medical treatment rather than giving birth to a children for the purposes of ‘birth tourism’.

Also, there are other exceptional criteria’s a visitor must need to meet once they are considering to travelling to the country.

Provided that they can afford the medical costs to pay for it this includes transportation and living expenses.

Although, the process of giving birth in USA and to registering as a citizen is technically not illegal.

Scenic views of Grand Canyon, USA

Scenic views of Grand Canyon, USA (Image: Pixabay)

But, the authorities are concern as there are growing numbers of birth tourism agencies manipulating the system for visa fraud or tax evasion.

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The State Department quotes “does not believe that visiting the United States for the primary purpose of obtaining US citizenship for a child, by giving birth in the United States – an activity commonly referred to as ‘birth tourism’ – is a legitimate activity for pleasure or of a recreational nature,” according to the new rules.

If you are from one of the visa free eligible countries. Then, you can travel to the USA with an ESTA without requiring a visa for three months.

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