The Ultimate Reasons You Will Need To Avoid Travel In 2020

The Ultimate Reasons You Will Need To Avoid Travel In 2020

06/06/2020 0 By M Zaman

Unless, there are COVID-19 pandemic 2020 could have a different year for traveller. But, there are best reasons a traveller will need to avoid travel in 2020.

There are no certainties how long the COVID-19 or Coronavirus will last. Hopefully, this crisis is expected to last until the end of this year.

As a precautionary measure, it is unsafe to travel different holiday destinations during 2020 unless it is urgent. For an instance, you are a different nationality holder and to leave the country.

However, if you have booked your holidays earlier. Then, you must not cancel your holidays and wait for further directions from airlines or holiday providers.

Countries like Greece will accept new travellers from June 2020. But, with stricter policies.

Since, the beginning of the pandemic crisis. Many airlines are now offering to reschedule flights.

The Key Reasons You Will Need To Avoid Travelling During 2020

While, you are considering to book a holiday in 2020 for an instance summer holidays. There are best reasons you will need to avoid travel in 2020.

Restrictions To Travel Abroad

UK Border zone at Heathrow Airport

UK Border zone at Heathrow Airport (Image: Heathrow)

Currently, The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) suggest British travellers “against all but essential international travel”.

Unless, it is urgent you can avoid travelling overseas at the moment. But, there are best destinations in the UK you can consider to travel.

Insurance Companies May Deny You

one pound coin

Use available options to save money during holiday (Image: Pixabay)

While, you are considering to book a holiday during 2020. You need to know that many insurance companies may deny you to provide travel insurance.

Normally, insurance providers sell travel insurance may not cover Coronavirus within their policies. But, you still need to find out this information from your provider.

You will find most useful tips from here.

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Air-planes Poses Risk Of Transmission

Plane seats in an airplane

Plane seats in an airplane (Image: Pixabay)

Although, many airlines can resume their services soon while maintaining stricter hygienic policies.

Will they provide you confirmation you will not catch Coronavirus? Certainly not.

You still can catch Coronavirus while you are on flight. As, there are 100 people or even more will seat within the close proximity.

Outbreaks Abroad

People in Florence, Italy

People in Florence, Italy (Image: Pixabay)

There are no certainties that the travel destinations your are visiting abroad will become 100% Coronavirus free.

In fact, there may be small numbers of cases. You may catch the disease while you are visiting there.

So, it is worthwhile to take precautionary measure in order to stay safe.

Follow Quarantine rules

International Arrival at Heathrow Airport

International Arrival at Heathrow Airport (Image: Heathrow)

The UK government to introduce new quarantine rules starting from June 8, 2020. All travellers returning from abroad with different airlines will need to stay at home for 14 days.

So, it is best not to travel abroad at this stage. There are uncertainties about this new measure to prevent Coronavirus.

However, there are destinations you may qualify to travel without breaking the quarantine rules.

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