How Using An Airplane Mode Can Help You To Save Money?

How Using An Airplane Mode Can Help You To Save Money?

03/08/2019 0 By M Zaman

Are you considering to travel anytime soon? But before your departure always make sure you have checklists. At least it will help you to make your journey more convenient. Have you already heard about the airplane mode feature on your phone?

This tool is very useful and at least it will help you to save some money. It does’t matter whether you are on a short-haul or long-haul flight, this feature will absolutely help you to save money on roaming charges while abroad.

Most of the airlines provide free WiFi. So it is a wise idea to use free WiFi of airplane instead.

Otherwise, if you are considering to use your mobile phone data abroad, you are likely to face a hefty bill. An additional distress for you.

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According to the Financial Review one young traveller had to compromise nearly £247 or $300 (1 USD to GBP = 0.825541 at the time of writing).

The passenger was on a flight from Ireland to US with Aer Lingus. He left his phone on an overhead compartment of the plane.

An interior view of an aircraft

An interior view of an aircraft (Image; Pixabay)

But unfortunately his phone was not in airplane mode. Instead, the signal and the roaming were turned on.

Simultaneously, it was connected to the airlines flight network Aeromobile.

An Aer Lingus spokesperson told the Financial Review “connect to the in-flight roaming network and the guest will be billed by their home operator for any usage”.

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Aeromobile is also popular among other leading airlines carriers like Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and Lufthansa, Virgin Australia, Singapore Airlines.

Once, you are considering to board in an airplane it is important to check if there is an availability of free WiFi. When you will book a flight you will find this most relevant information.

Moreover, you can also check with the airline crews to make sure with this. At least it will help you save money from an unnecessary overseas roaming charges.

You also need to check for roaming charges before taking a single snap.

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