Easyjet Hacking The Necessary Steps To Secure Account

Easyjet Hacking The Necessary Steps To Secure Account

20/05/2020 0 By M Zaman

Majority of customers with easyJet has already affected by a major cyber security breach. There are useful steps you will need to take in order to secure your account from hacking with easyJet.

easyJet already admits in a statement “email address and travel details of approximately 9 million customers were accessed.”

There were “very small subset of customers (2,208), credit card details were accessed.”

It also re-assures that “paragraph, passport details and credit card details of these customers were not accessed.”

Also, it is a not very uncommon practice today to become a victim of cyber scam. As, scammers are regularly targeting their victims to commit a fraud.

But, you will always need to aware to protect you and your account details.

Necessary Steps To Secure Account With Easyjet From Hacking

In order to, protect your details and secure your account with easyJet. There are necessary steps you will need to follow to secure your account from hacking with easyJet.

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Change Your Account Password

For your safety and security, it is a best idea to secure your account password.

Regardless of, whether you are a victim of hacking or not. It is safe to secure to change your account password frequently.

You can consider to do this on a monthly basis.

Check With The Airline

This is the second most crucial step you can consider to check if you are among one of the victims.

Normally, easyJet will notify you by email. If they didn’t you still can find more information whether your account is still safe.

Avoid Suspicious Activities

It is very important to avoid any suspicions activities. For an instance, scammers may send you an email with a link and ask you to click there. You will need to avoid this form of activities.

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Moreover, if you notice an email for an instance with domain name “easyKet.com”. Never open this form of email.

Instead, you can consider to report it as a spam.

Speak With The Financial Institutions

If you believe, you are among one the victim of financial fraud. Then, you can speak with your bank or card provider to cancel the transaction.

You can consider this step in either writing or telephone. They can arrange the procedure to refund your money back.

There are more useful information available from Citizens Advice Bureau.

Complain To The Police

This is the final step you can consider to take if you are victim of financial fraud.

Police have the power to arrest a fraudster and bring them to the justice and prosecute them when it is necessary.

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