Cheap Holiday Packages Can Cause You Cancer

Cheap Holiday Packages Can Cause You Cancer

25/08/2019 0 By M Zaman

Cheap holiday packages are very useful, at least it will help you to save money. But there some of the disadvantages. As, the very cheap flights and holiday packages can cause you cancer.

Although, cheap flights and different holiday packages are sometimes one of the convenient way to save money. In-particularly when is a summer time.

As summer is the peak time of the year to travel. You will notice price for different holiday packages and flights soar every year during this period.

But there are some ways that can help you to come out from this situation. There are other options available. Unless, you don’t want to go for a holiday during summer, the next available option is winter.

Seashells on a holiday beach

Summer is the best time of the year when people book cheap holiday packages (Image: Pixabay)

Normally, deals for warm places in Europe or elsewhere are not cheaper during summer season. For this particular time, people book for their holiday in advance to visit preferable destinations.

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Also, you need to remember that booking a holiday during winter is much cheaper than booking for summer. But winter is much inconvenient than summer for an example if your are planning for a trip in New York during months of November/December.

While, you are considering to book for a holiday, where summer last most of the year for an example Barcelona. Then, you need to use extra precautions. As, the extreme hot weather is very closely linked to cancer.

According to latest research from Cancer Research UK, booking for cheap flights and holiday packages are closely linked to “Melanoma” type of skin cancer. This types of skin cancer is at the level since 2004. Similarly, this rate is higher among 35% of women and 55% for men.

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A sample of melanoma skin cancer

A sample of melanoma skin cancer (Image: NHS)

However, risk of cancer can vary from people with different ages. The report also reveals “melanoma is still more common in those over 65, rates for 25-49 year-olds have increased by 70% since the 1990s.”

You also need to aware that melanoma skin cancer is the fifth most common cancer in the UK. People within the group of 25-49 are most vulnerable.

But in 90% of cases melanoma are almost preventable using better skin protection for the sun.

When people are going out in the sun while on holiday, ultraviolet(UV) radiation from the sun can damage DNA in skin cells and ultimately cause skin cancer.

So, it is worthwhile to keep a better UV protection sunscreen lotion at all time. Also, don’t forget to use sunglasses when you are out in the sun. You can also find out your own skin tone from here.

However, there are useful information about Melanoma Skin Cancer is available from NHS. You can study the original research from here.

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