Know your travel rights after Brexit

Know your travel rights after Brexit

22/12/2018 1 By M Zaman

Britain is faster approaching for Brexit. Once Brexit is done successfully, it could affect your Brexit travel rights travel EU countries. Britain is currently negotiating with the EU to strengthen its leaving process as soon as possible.

When do requiring visas to travel to other EU nations after Brexit?

Once Britain leave the EU, there are proposals that EU might introduce US style ESTA visas against Britons. This won’t happen till Britain’s final departure on Friday, 29 March 2019.

However, this could make it more difficult in the event of a no Brexit deal.

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What it would likely to happen before and after transitional periods for Brexit travel?

Before the transitional period you are free to travel EU countries. You can find out more information on government’s guideline before transitional period becomes effective on

Things will only change if you are planning to travel Nordic countries like Norway, Iceland, you will not require any visas. As Norway and Iceland are not part of the EU membership zones.

You still can book flights to Monaco to watch next series of Formula One. Also Vatican, Liechtenstein. This will happen because when will leave the EU it is not leaving the EEA anyway. It will retain membership for this area. Crown dependencies areas including Isle Of Man, Jersey and Guernsey. Crown dependencies citizens are regarded as British Citizen.

Can I still stay in the UK without visas?

If you are already in the UK. Then it won’t affect you. However, if you are planning to staying in the UK permanently then you might require to apply for indefinite leave to remain.

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Would it affect my European Health Insurance to travel EU nations after Brexit?

Your European Health Insurance won’t have any further affects till the transitional period is completed. But following the transitional arrangement there might be a Brexit travel insurance. Which replace European style health insurance.

As an EU national do I need a visa to enter in the UK?

Well, answering this question is fairly difficult. This is up to the EU and the Great Britain on how exactly they are dealing with.

What would be the impact on travel and tourism industry after Brexit?

It might be worrying for some travel who is focusing mainly on EU based travel and who is focusing mainly on EU based travel and tourism. They probably need to reconsider their strategies. Otherwise there would a heart breaking consequences in the British travel and tourism industry temporarily.

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