Best Way For Refunds Without Coronavirus Travel Insurance

Best Way For Refunds Without Coronavirus Travel Insurance

31/03/2020 0 By M Zaman

In our modern history, Coronavirus or COVID-19 is the latest pandemic tragedy affecting our everyday lifestyle. But, you can certainly ask for refunds even without a Coronavirus travel insurance.

As this tragedy is still on-going means you will not be able to travel at this stage. Until, the situation become normal or come under control.

However, if you have already booked your holidays earlier before this pandemic crisis. You are eligible to ask the travel operator for refunds.

According to Monzo, you can ask your travel operator for refunds even without a travel insurance for Coronavirus.

Asking For Refunds Without Coronavirus Travel Insurance

Firstly, if the merchant cancels your purchase for an instance a holiday booking or the airline cancels your flight because of Coronavirus. Then you can ask the merchant to clarify the refund policy with them directly.

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In this scenario, you will get a refund. But, the merchant may charge you a small amount of postage or admin fees.

Secondly, if you decide not to travel or event which is still running. There are chances you will not get a refund.

However, there are circumstances like your are in self-isolation or following the government advise not to travel to a destination you have booked. Then, you can cancel your trip.

You will need to speak to the merchant for a refund. If they still refuse then you can ask your travel insurance provider (if you have any) to assist you. They can help you to get a refund.

Thirdly, If the merchant cancels the booking because of coronavirus and doesn’t refund you. Then you will need to check to see if you have any insurance of what you bought.

You will need to speak to your insurer. Depending on the insurance policy and the time you purchased you can make claim for a refund.

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Fourthly, If the merchant doesn’t refund you or don’t have any insurance coverage. Then, your bank can look into creating a chargeback for you.

A chargeback is where your bank disputes a transaction you made with the merchant, to try and get your money back.

You will need to contact your bank and explain: What you paid for, Why the merchant won’t refund you, What their terms and conditions say.

Additionally, you will need to provide your bank as many as details of the transaction you can. This can maximise the chances to get a refund.

There are plenty of information on how to ask for a refund for your holiday cancellation.

Meanwhile, you can consider to look at diffrent travel insurance from here.

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