Best insurance buying guide for holidays

Best insurance buying guide for holidays

27/12/2018 1 By M Zaman

No matter where are you intending to go for holiday trips, be make sure travel health insurance always on the priority list.

As it is crucial before you pack your luggage or backpack. It you are insured with best holiday insurance provider at least it will give you peace and comfort in you mind.

What does a travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance cover medical expenses, emergency repatriation, trip cancellation or delays and lost of your belongings.

However it dependents on the country you are visiting to, also length of your stay and activities.

Do I really need a best travel health insurance?

This is a common question most people do ask. For an instance, you are travelling to New York on your holiday. But unfortunately you had stroke while you are on holiday. In this situation, medical expenses can be sky-high. You might not be afford to pay for it.

Unless you are insured you with travel insurance packages, it will be extremely difficult to overcome the situation.

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To get rid of this situation make sure properly insured with right travel insurance pack. Then it will make your life more easy and comfortable.

There is a report published by ABI states that 1 in 4 travellers are not insured beforehand they made their journey. Ultimately it will leave them vulnerable, when they are in danger.

What types of travel insurance should I apply?

Well a travel insurance comes up with multiple types. It solely depends on your circumstances and the length of the period you really need it.

Currently there are three types of insurance:

  1. Single trip insurance
  2. Multiple trip insurance
  3. Annual travel insurance

Where can I buy travel health insurance packages from?

There are so many providers like high-street retailers, banks and building society, holiday package provider will be happy to assist you.

Here are the lists of providers who will help you to buy best insurance policies:


  1. Post Office
  2. Tesco Travel Insurance
  3. Asda Travel Insurance
  4. Boots Travel Insurance
  5. John Lewis Travel Insurance


  1. Virgin Money
  2. Barclays
  3. HSBC
  4. Santander
  5. Halifax

Insurance Providers:

  1. Aviva Travel Insurance
  2. Axa Travel Insurance
  4. Directline travel insurance

Travel insurance comparison sites can be a good place to buy your insurance. They compare all packages under one roof, which is extremely helpful to buy your best value pack. Here are the lists worth to try:

  1. Moneysupermarket
  2. Go Compare
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Sometimes holiday package provider may offer you to buy travel insurance packages. When you buy a holiday package it comes inclusion within their packages.

Extra tips: When you buy a travel it is recommended always check-read-sign policies provided by your insurance providers.

If you have any medical you need to disclose it immediately it won’t affect to get your travel insurance with medical conditions. Otherwise, it will affect your rights to making claims.

When there any change of circumstances. Always make sure to provide them with accurate details.

If you are over 70s then you can consider to buy travel insurance for over 70s.

Also before purchasing make sure you did understand the policies completely. If you don’t then always make a double check with the advisor before you buy. They should always be prepared to answer your queries. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to purchase.

If there is any stages your insurance provider reluctant to provide you adequate service. Then you can raise this issue to the Financial Ombudsman

Finally, it will be worthwhile to join forums like MoneysavingExpert and Mumsnet for further discussion. It will certainly helpful for you.

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